Sunday, June 7, 2015


We began our day with a two hour train ride to Heuston Station in Dublin. The last leg of our trip has approached rapidly. We will be staying at the Jury's Inn Christchurch, across the street from the beautiful Christchurch. Chiming bells can be heard from the church if you crack the window in your hotel room. It is beautiful!
We ate lunch at Taco Taco and the food was delicious. From there, many people shopped and others watched the Ireland versus England football (soccer) game. This was an important game because it was the first time Ireland and England played each other in Dublin for 20 years. People flooded into the city for the game. It ultimately ended in a tie.
We finished our day with dinner at The Porterhouse Brewing Company. There was a live band playing Irish music; it was great!
I cannot wait to see what Dublin has in store for us in the coming days!
--Caitlyn Sampson

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