Monday, March 2, 2015

International Learning 2015-Meet the team!


As we get ready for the trip to Ireland, let's get to know each other and start to create memories about our experiences.  Our first step is to introduce the team to you--so, here we are!

Ms. Katharine Kressler

Mr. Zach Geiser

Ms. Bridget Donoghue

Ms. Laura Fleig-Carta

Ms. Danielle Dolack

Ms. Kayla Hall

Ms. McKenzie Croghan

Ms. Whitney Thompson-Martin

Ms. Kaitlyn Ratterman

Ms. Jessica Jacobs

Ms. Taylor Hanna

Ms. Aubrey Alshouse

Ms. Kelsey Thomas

Ms. Caitlyn Sampson
Mrs. Melissa Michael

Ms. Kelley Wheeler