Sunday, June 7, 2015

Movement Through Time

One thing I have truly come to appreciate about Ireland is the movement of time. Slowing down to appreciate the small things, the new, the old, the broken, the beautiful, and all the greens in between. The morning we departed Cork I found myself lingering at the kitchen window, looking out over the hillside, just before sunrise I felt time slow, and as my eyes moved across the beautiful greenery, houses, churches, and smooth river flowing at its own speed, in that quiet moment I feared I would never get to move at that pace, envious of the duck sliding across the water, concerned that I will always be have to move to the rhythm of the ticking clock.
However, as I moved through the day I decided to acknowledge the smaller moments in time and create my own pace. This provided several beautiful moments to reflect on. While jumping from train to train there was a moment where time was moving too quickly, trains were moving too fast, luggage was moving too slow but our group was moving in unison, extending an extra hand, sending signals of communication and in the middle of time constrained pressure and stress often produced by travel everyone still offered a smile. So my advice is to appreciate the small moments, the minutes, and the smiles. Because at the end of the day if you throw a rock over the cliffs of Moher it will always come back to you... So sit back, let time be, and enjoy.
--Aubrey Alshouse

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