Monday, June 8, 2015

Interesting facts about Ireland: American's guide to not looking like an American

Interesting facts about Ireland: American's guide to not looking like an American 

1) Streets signs are on walls and not poles
2) There are 8 million sheep to 6 million people
3) There are Gaelic-only towns in Ireland that you can only live in if you speak Gaelic fluently
4) The Blarney Stone gets sanitized everyday 
5) Pass oncoming foot traffic on left side of sidewalk instead of right
6) The only art therapy program is in Cork
7) Tallest building is only 17 floors and located in Cork 
8) The Cork psychiatric hospital has 8 beds for adolescents and 50 for adults
9) Live music is predominately American blue grass
10) University of Louisville and University of Limerick share the same abbreviation
11) Dublin restaurants that are a definite destination are crack bird and pieman 
11) Chester Beatty Museum is a rare find with the oldest bible pieces in the world and free
12) After throwing a rock over the Cliffs of Moher, it will come back to you
13) Teaching is highly respected profession 
14) Tuition is free but there are fees up to €3,000 
15) There is such a thing as Irish reggae and it is very worth finding 
16) Up to 12 drinks a week is considered an acceptable amount for woman according to the drug and alcohol task force 
17) Irish time means 15-30 late is on time
18) 10% gratuity is typical
19) The Castle feast is a grand and worth while adventure back in time
20) Rain gear should be carried at all times
21) Wool is cheaper in Dublin
22) You can buy stamps at Centra (newspaper/ snack shop).
23) Post boxes are green and look like trash cans 
24) Art therapy is primarily for adults 
25) Bathrooms are called toilets
26) Cafeterias are called canteens 
27) There are 234 steps up to the waterfall in the ring of Kerry tour
28) Trinity College was used as a prison in the 1700's 
29) The locals call you endearing words like, "May I help you with your bags, Love"
30) I <3 Ireland 

--Katharine Kressler

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