Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lectures, the Quadrangle, and art

Today in Cork the entire group met together for our first official class with Dr. Kitching. His lecture focused on the diversity of Ireland in education as it pertained to the development of the country and the relationship it's had on the economy.

Later at lunch a few members of the group including myself dined inside the school cafeteria.  

Our group split up for the 2nd set of today's lectures. The education majors were lucky having the opportunity to meet two very clever professionals as our teachers. Dan O'Sullivan and Dennis Burns jokingly explained to us how they are not considered to be professors in Ireland, as that term is reserved for the head of the college. While they enjoyed being called professors, they asked that they be called "Lecturers." They were very well versed in Special Education in Ireland and knowledgeable about the differences and similarities between the U.S as it relates to Special Education. 

This afternoon we were lucky to have beautiful weather without any rain. We are hoping it lasts for the rest of our trip. After our class this afternoon we took the opportunity to explore what the University College Cork campus had to offer.  This included breathtaking buildings with history.  At the center of campus the main hall even has a legend associated to it.  "It's said that any student to step on the grass at the main hall will be sure to fail all their exams."  According to a few professors this legend is certainly true.   

The beautiful sunny day inspired us to visit the art gallery.   The Glucksman Gallery, had a theme of "Stitches in Time," the museum focused on the interpretations of yarn.  Many of the displays were pretty clever.  Our group even participated in a communal art piece in the museum inspired by the museums focused piece, "The Knitting Project." 

We've had a beautiful time throughout this trip and I can only imagine what we will see next. 

--Danielle Dolack 
LBD with concentration in Secondary English

At the Glucksman Gallery, UCC

Quadrangle, UCC

Glucksman Gallery

Kaitlyn Rattermand and Danielle Dolack

The Glucksman Gallery


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